How to Manually Backup Your WordPress Website

Before learning the basis of backing up WordPress, it is important to talk about why you should care about doing this and why you should have backups of your website. This is actually independent of your choice of using WordPress – whatever your website is built with, you should always have regular backups.


Backing up your website allows you to retrieve a working version if something goes wrong or something is done that breaks it. Several things can break a website: a server crash, an external attack, an error happening during an update, or even human error.

More often, you are not responsible of errors occurring on the server you use and, just as you are human and can make mistakes, the people managing your server can, too.

These errors can be severe, where all or a part of your website is altered: you can lose articles, photos, videos, or you can even lose access to your website. That’s surely not a thing you want, and that’s why backing up your website is important.

In fact, if a problem occurs, with backups, you can restore the altered files and data. Depending on how often you back up, you can even retrieve your whole website, without losing anything.

The frequency of your backups is a choice you must do by yourself, depending on the frequency of your updates: if you post fifty articles a day, you will want to back up more often than if you post once a month.


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